How Cholesterol Works

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How Does Cholesterol Work?
Why is everyone always telling you to watch your cholesterol? And why do they always seem to say it just as you are about to dive into a great dessert, or a steak dinner?

One of the reasons is that high levels of cholesterol have been linked to heart disease, the number one killer in the U.S. today. About half the population of the United States has a cholesterol reading higher than the recommended level.

Your body produces all the cholesterol that you need and even more in some people. Then, many foods that you eat, including meats, fish and dairy products also contain cholesterol. Depending on your genetic makeup, you could eat a diet low in cholesterol and still have a high level, and if you are one of the lucky ones, your levels may stay low in spite of your diet.

How does cholesterol work against you?

Cholesterol is a major component of plaques that can build up along your blood vessel walls and cause a constriction that can lead to heart attack, stroke or blood clots.

How does cholesterol work for you?

Your body uses cholesterol in producing vitamin D, hormones and the bile acids that help to digest fat. A certain amount is necessary to living, but your body produces all it needs. is not dispensing medical advice. Questions about your own cholesterol levels should be addressed to your physician.

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Instant Cholesterol Test by Home Access

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